Protection Barking - Homework

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This video describes how we as dog handlers can teach our dog the hold and bark in preparation for the protection.
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Video details:

  • The dog knows the command “bark” or “speak” and can bark e.g. for a piece of food
  • The whole situation is recreated from the barking in protection
  • Explanation of the correct position of the dog during the hold and bark
  • Increasing motivation by increasing drive (prey)
  • By giving feedback signals the dog learns not to harass (touch)
  • A determined and meaningful way to reward the dog
  • The dog goes into the barking position by itself
  • The dog also learns not to make a mistake when approaching by means of the “wrong way” signal
  • Approaching the blind
  • “Game mood” Barking at an assistant
  • Video examples and explanations to the individual points alternating
  • Length: 07:24 minutes

Preparatory videos:   

Link to video (unlock after payment)

2 reviews for Schutzdienst Verbellen – Hausaufgabe

  1. Bettina Wenthe

    Kleinschrittig und logisch erklärt und gezeigt. Funktioniert sogar bei meinen jungen Boxern super, und für die Rasse ist das Verbellen nicht gerad die Paradeübung. Voraussetzung ist allerdings, dass die Hunde schon für Futter verbellen, aber das konnten meine schon. Auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert! Ich werd hier mal weiter stöbern! 😉
    Small steps and easy to train, even if your dogs are still green. There is another video that shows the very first steps with treats though. So you might want to check out the other video first, if you need to start from the very beginning. Highly recommended!

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  2. Heike Röhmann

    Bei meinem Hund klappt es sehr gut.super Idee mit diesen kurzen Videos

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