IGP specific Prep – Warm Up & Cool Down

This training video by Veterinarian Dr. Jana Gams and Patricia Pehrsson shows you a plan for IGP-specific preparation: Obedience and Protection. Injury Risk Reduction and increased Performance!
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Details zum Video:

  • IGP Specific Preparation before Trial & Competition
  • Increase Performance
  • Reduce Injury Risk
  • Plan created by renowned Veterinarian and Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner Jana Gams
  • Specifically catered to Obedience and Protection Routines
  • Language: English; Subtitle: English
  • German Subtitle coming soon

In this video, we will show you how to prepare your dogs BEFORE training or entering a competition. You will reduce injury risk AND raise the performance of your dog. Only a warmed up muscle can bring maximum performance and speed if you have the right program catered to the activity that follows.

Jana Gams is a doctor of veterinary medicine and certified canine rehabilitation practicioner. She competes with her own working dogs and knows the physical demand and stress of sportdogs by heart. Watch how Patricia Pehrsson goes through the program specifically tailored to the Obedience and Protection Routine of IGP and adjust it to your own needs. You will see a better performance on the field. Promise!

Language: English; German subtitle is coming soon!

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