Blind searching - Part 1

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In this video we would like to explain the basic idea of how we teach our dogs to search the blinds.
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Video details:

  • learning the correct and attentive circulation of the blind
  • how we teach our dogs to control the blind
  • tide crossing the handler by the command “here”
  • Training outside of the protection (homework for the dog handler)
  • detached training from protection (homework for the handler)
  • Step by step instructions
  • Detailed explanations plus various video examples alternating
  • Length: 11:36 minutes
  • Language: German; Subtitle: English

Preparatory videos:     

  • None

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6 reviews for Revieren – Teil 1

  1. Susanne

    Logischer Aufbau.

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  2. Keijo Kodis

    Risteilyn alkuopetus on selkeän havainnollinen alusta lähtien ja tukee hyvin kirjan opetussuunnitelmaa.

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  3. Diana Day

    Wie immer – es funktioniert !!

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  4. kerstin sternberg

    Endlich das ersehnte Reviervideo…anmerken möchte ich noch, man kann noch VIEL früher beginnen mit dem Revieren, wenn man – bevor es mit den Verstecken losgeht (die ich übrigens auch noch brauche)), kann man sehr gut 6 große Straßenpylonen nehmen, jeweils eine Alustange stecken (für die enge Umrundung) und schon auf diese Art und Weise das Revieren – wie in Eurem Buch – z.B. in immer der gleichen Richtung – trainieren. Da macht schon der 10 Wochen alte Welpe mit.

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  5. suzanne ayala

    Loved this video. The step by step method and explanation of building up the dog’s hope for a powerful and correction execution for running the blinds is very clear. While I have taught the basics of the direction of running blinds and looking in, I have never thought of sending the dog to the blind for the reward with a tug in my hand. I have taught 2 toy for the dumbbell with a lot of power from the dog and it makes sense that once he understands the “hope” is in the blind, he will return to me quickly for either another reward from me or go on to the next blind with speed and power. I am looking forward to training this way and highly recommend their videos. They have great methods, which are well thought out, not complicated for either the handler or the dog, and successful. No pressure in the training, just a lot of fun for the dog.

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  6. kostas

    all the steps very simply and clearly explained

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