Boogie Man - how to start protection work

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In this video we show and explain how we start the protection work with our young dogs. We call this method "Driving the Helper" or "Boogie Man".
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Video details:

  • What do we mean by „the Boogie Man“?
  • Why should you consider starting out your dog this way? The Boogie Man is an integral part of our training method for over 30 years.
  • Top things to remember for the handler?
  • Important things to keep in mind for the helper?
  • Troubleshooting: things are not working out. What to do?
  • Alternative method: „Boogie Man and the crate"
  • Footage from dogs at an age ranging from 10 weeks to 6 months
  • Length 35:05

Is this video for you? Watch it if you are a handler and helperwho is interested or will help a young dog make his first steps in protection work. We ALWAYS start out by teaching our dogs how to deal with the Boogie Man. We are happy this was the right way for all of our dogs, many of which have been very successful on a World level (Word Champions and National Champions).


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6 reviews for Helfertreiben – der Einstieg in den Schutzdienst


    Super video…. sehr gute Erklärung ,…. viele details.
    Love the video, excellent explanation by the masters! Full of awesome details!

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  2. Mátyás Sebestyén

    Tolles video, was jeder Helfer und Hundeführer sehen müsste!
    Klare Erklärung.
    Hoffe mehr über der Themen von Schutzdienst später zu sehen!

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  3. eduard Mayrshofer

    Super Video, sehr aufschlussreich, deutliche und detaillierte Darstellung der Wichtigen Punkte beim Helfertreiben. Bin auf das nächste Video über den ersten Anbiss sehr gespannt!!!

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  4. Keijo Kodis

    Täydentää erinomaisen havainnollisesti kirjan aloituskappaletta maalimiehen karkottamiseksi.

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  5. Paulius Kaupelis

    Very clear and excellent explanation!

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  6. Anita Vallati

    It’s a great video and offers lots of examples and different scenarios. Pairs very well with the protection book.

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